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Bywaters has always championed the highest health & safety standards, and we will continue to make health & safety improvements across all lines of our business.

In line with this commitment, we have just released our health & safety report for 2018/19, with clearly defined objectives to help ensure we keep operating in the safest way possible.

Bywaters’ 2018/19 Health & Safety Objectives

We are committed to providing the most up-to-date training for all staff – empowering them to understand every health and safety risk relating to their working environment. Having well trained staff at all levels of our organisation drives Bywaters’ zero compromise culture.

We are proud to announce and reveal our new 2018/19 health and safety objectives, now available for download in the accreditations, permits, and policies section of our website. Our report is based on four key objectives:

  1. Leadership: Making the provision of health, safety and wellbeing is a part of every team leader’s daily routine
  2. Safe Work Place: Providing a safe and healthy place to work throughout our business. Whether that’s in our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), our waste transfer stations, workshops, in our environmentally sustainable vehicles, offices, or at off-site facilities
  3. Competence: Ensuring that everyone has the appropriate skills to do their jobs in the safest way possible, and that all our staff have up-to-date training for every task
  4. Health, Safety, and Wellbeing: Recognising and promoting the importance of health, safety, and wellbeing throughout every area of the business – making sure our workforce is always supported

Through fully implementing each of these four objectives, we will ensure that Bywaters remains a health & safety leader in the waste management and recycling industry and that all the needs of our workforce are provided for.

Health & Safety Week

Bywaters’ recent Health & Safety Week was a massive success. With over 300 employees and stakeholders in attendance, our vision of zero incidents, zero harm, and zero compromise has been efficiently spread throughout all areas of the business.

All our employees were given a physical copy of our new health & safety report, along with a health & safety questionnaire, concern form, and a hazard identification photo. Through this, we are enlisting every member of staff in order to identify risk in each work area.

Our Commitment to Training Staff to the Highest Standards

To date, Bywaters has 4 NEBOSH certified managers, many of our employees are trained in IOSH Managing Safely, and all of our directors are IOSH director certified.

Throughout 2018/19, Bywaters will continue to challenge and scrutinise our health & safety standards, procedures, and practices. We will be making continual improvements in line with our objectives, and we will settle for nothing but the safest possible workplace.


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