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When is World Clean Up Day 2023?

Clean Up Day is one of the most well-known dates in the sustainability calendar. When is World Clean Up Daym 2023? Every year, it falls on the third Saturday of every September.

World Clean-Up Day activities

Fortunately, there are many ways to get involved. From volunteering at local beach cleans, to educating your friends and family on sustainable practices, there’s a plethora of ways you can contribute to World Clean Up Day this year. In honour of World Clean Up Day, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can take action and make a positive impact on our planet.

Beach cleans

Over 75% of beach litter consists of plastic, with almost all of it ending up in our oceans or lakes. Beach cleans offer you the opportunity to catch these items before they land in the water. At Bywaters, we’ve orchestrated hundreds of beach cleans for some of London’s largest clients, contact us today to see how your business can get involved. These events are a great way to make a difference while providing positive PR for your business.

Community events

Organising a community event is another great way to get involved in World Clean Up Day, this September. Whether it’s a litter pick-up, an educational workshop or a festival celebrating sustainability, there are many ways to encourage those around you to take action with you. The sad reality is that actively caring for the environment can seem like an isolated activity, however, you’ll be surprised at how many people would want to join you on a well planned green day!

From distributing flyers on recycling tips to hosting a beach clean-up competition, every action counts and can help generate positive awareness. Reach out to your local council and see how you can organise a community event that everyone can be part of!

Social media campaigns

Social media is an amazing platform to raise awareness about World Clean Up Day and spread the message of sustainability. Share photos of your successful clean-up initiatives,  and post updates about upcoming events and workshops! Use the official hashtag #WorldCleanUpDay to increase your reach!

Online donations

If you can’t make it out on World Clean Up Day, another way to show your support is by making a donation to the cause. There are several charities and organisations that are dedicated to preserving our environment and combating plastic pollution, so find one that resonates with you and consider donating online. No contribution is too small – every penny counts when it comes to protecting our planet for future generations.

Educational resources

Whether you’re participating in World Clean Up Day or not, it’s important to understand the importance of sustainability and environmental protection. There are lots of educational resources available online that can help provide an insight into global pollution and the current state of our planet. From articles on plastic waste to documentaries about climate change, take some time to do your own research and learn more about the issues we all face.

Spread the message

Finally, one of the best ways to get involved in World Clean Up Day is by simply spreading the message. Talk to your family members and friends about sustainability and why it’s important, encourage them to join you on World Clean Up Day, or ask them to consider making an online donation. Together, we can all make a difference and create a more sustainable future.

World Cleanup Day is a unique event because it offers more than just a one-day celebration. It serves as the start of a journey towards something much greater. It stands as a great opportunity for you and your family to start your own sustainability journey. Take your first step today, by partnering with London’s leading recycling company, Bywaters.

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