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Londoners care about the environment more than ever. With well over 92% of residents expressing concerns over sustainability issues, more people are looking for ways that they can make an impact. However, recent studies show that over 80% of recyclable items in the city still get dumped in landfills. Though people want to recycle more, access to the right information and resources can make all the difference. It is essential to find the easiest ways to improve recycling rates in offices. This blog is will guide you on easy and quick ways to boost your recycling rates, with practical tips and methods that you can implement today.

  • Improve your recycling rate
  • Encourage better waste management habits
  • Increase your organisations commitment to the environment

Where are your bins?

Make recycling a priority: To encourage employees to recycle more often, make it a priority within your company. Place the recycling bins in visible and accessible locations, such as in break rooms, next to printers or photocopiers, and near employees’ desks. Where your bins are sends a message to employees on how much of a priority recycling is to your company. If there are only general waste bins within a reasonable distance, employeees and residents may translate that as your stance on recycling. A stance that prioritises landfill over recycling.

At Bywaters, we perform diagnostics on the behaviours of staff when setting up where recycling bins should be. Where do your staff go to eat? Where are they most likely to have recyclable materials? Alongside other pertinent questions. From our research, we place bins in the best possible stations for your company.

Reduce waste at the source

Recycling is essential, but it’s even better to reduce waste at the source. Consider going digital, by reducing the use of paper, and opting for reusable products instead of disposable ones. Encourage employees to use refillable water bottles, bring their lunch in reusable containers, and use cloth instead of paper towels. Small changes like these can make a significant difference. Being in charge of an office is about taking the lead. The more your employees correlate sustainability with your office, the higher the chance of them buying-in.

Recycle together – Recycle better

Set recycling goals and reward employees who contribute the most. I can give you one secret from our successful campaigns at Bywaters. Our team of sustainability specialists set up league tables between offices in the same company. This encourages employees to utilise their bins in a more productive way while improving their recycling rate. The more employees understand that the waste management is a universal responsibility, the more they will invest in the project.

Conduct a waste audit

Conducting a waste audit with our sustainability team can help determine the types and amount of waste generated by your business and identify areas where improvements can be made. This invaluable information can guide your company in setting up new recycling programs and campaigns that target the areas where the most waste is generated.

Clear recycling labels

Clear labeling is a critical aspect of boosting your recycling rate in your office. Far too often, recycling bins are not clearly marked, leading people to discard their waste in the wrong bins. This often happens because people are not sure what can and cannot be recycled. However, with clearly labeled bins, you can eliminate this confusion, making recycling easy and efficient. In turn, this will help increase your office’s recycling rate, making your organisation more environmentally friendly and sustainable. So, take the time to ensure that your recycling bins have clear and concise labels and watch as your recycling rate soars.

Download some of our posters and labels here!

Partner with a reputable recycling company

When selecting a recycling service provider, consider their track record, reputation, and recycling policy. Look for partners who are transparent in their processes, use advanced technologies, and offer high-quality recycling materials. Additionally, seek a provider who offers recycling solutions that align with your company’s sustainability goals and needs. At Bywaters, we’ve been serving London’s leading office spaces for over 70 years, with a bespoke commercial package, that promises to take your building to a next level.

Our specialist tips on improving your recycling rate

“We asked one of our sustainability experts for some tips on how to improve your office spaces recycling rate:

One of the most important aspects of successfully recycling at the office is educating your team on what can and cannot be recycled. Make sure to clearly label and separate recycling bins for paper, plastic, glass, and other materials to make it easy for everyone to dispose of their waste properly. Consider conducting educational campaigns and training sessions for your employees to ensure they understand what can and cannot be recycled, ultimately reducing contamination and increasing the recycling rate.

Recycling at the office is a great way to cut down on waste and help sustain the environment. By educating your employees, making it a priority, reducing waste at the source, partnering with a reputable recycling provider, and implementing a waste audit, you can create a more sustainable workplace. Remember, taking these simple steps can make a huge difference in the planet’s overall health. Let’s work together to reduce waste and save the planet!

Communication is more than words. Where you place your bin sends two clear messages message to your staff. If there are not many options within a reasonable distance, it sends a message to your staff that you don’t really care about recycling. Create a plethora of options and consider the distance of your bins to relevant spots. Ask yourself some of the following questions, and use the information to decide where your bins should be:

  • Where are people most likely to eat?
  • Where is the smoking area?
  • Other than the canteen, where do staff come together to socialise?
  • How far are the bins from where staff are seated?”

What should I do next?

At Bywaters, we know that improving recycling rates is a crucial step in protecting the environment. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of recycling experts who are passionate about helping businesses like yours increase its recycling rate. Through careful analysis and personalised solutions, we can help you reduce waste, save money, and lessen your carbon footprint. If you’re looking to improve your recycling rate right away, click on this link to speak to one of our recycling experts about your next step. Our sustainability specialists are standing by to answer any questions and provide guidance on the best course of action for your business. Let’s work together to make a positive impact on our planet.


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