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Hosting an eco-friendly event can seem daunting. The events waste management team here at Bywaters has seen it all over the years. I’ve picked their brains to give you four simple reasons why you should go green for your day.

Sustainable and Stylish

The easy option isn’t always the most presentable. We can all agree that plastic plates fall into that category.

Offer your guests a stylish yet sustainable event this weekend with eco-friendly alternatives.

Plastic is suffocating our planet. Studies show that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050. There are currently 3.5 trillion fish living in the ocean.

Being sustainable doesn’t mean you lose style. Use recyclable or reusable bunting instead of plastic. Use stylish paper straws – they do exist. Your customers will notice your effort and it’ll likely make them come back. The planet will definitely thank you.

The rise of environmentally friendly tableware has sparked a surge of creativity from manufacturers to make stylish yet sustainable pieces just for you.

Opt for a modern bamboo or sugar cane set. Better yet, invest in a permanent collection of plates to ensure you don’t have to keep spending your money on things you can own.

Besides, plastic plates don’t have the feel your event deserves.

Share and prepare

One of the many advantages when you go digital is the saving you will make on food and time. With the world always only one click away, if you send your menu via email, you can ensure you only prepare the food your guests will eat.

Event waste management is essential. Prepare for the waste others may leave behind in advance.

If you must use plastic bags, reuse the ones you’ve kept under the sink. The ones that keep multiplying because you forgot to take them with you to the supermarket.

Go Digital

It’s 2022. The need for old takeaway menus in your kitchen is long gone. It’s time to go digital, there’s an app for just about everything these days. Give your guests that efficient experience while doing your part for the planet. Send stylish-looking emails for free. Update your guests of any changes or instructions with one push of a button. Maybe a few more than one, but you get my drift?

Provide stylish menus, receive instant reviews and manage your waste for free at no harm to the environment.

Not only will you be saving the planet, but you’ll also be saving money for the things that make your event memorable.

We’ve prepared some digital recycling posters that you can attach to your invites to let guests know that keeping your venue clean is a joint effort. When you’re done, Bywaters will be ready to remove any waste you have collated, even if you didn’t go digital this time.


You did it. You threw an amazing eco-friendly party. You either enjoyed it too much to take a break or worked too much to realise you missed your opportunity to take one. Either way, it’s time for us to swap roles. With the support of our recycling posters, skip/bin hire service and your guests doing their bit, your job is done. Rest as the good people at Bywaters collect last night’s remaining memories. One way or another, we’ll turn it into future memories for someone else. Our zero waste direct to landfill policy means everything that can’t be recycled, we’ll have incinerated and turned into electricity that helps power London.

We have bins for hire and people who want to help.


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