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Bywaters are happy to confirm that we will be holding an exclusive webinar on Tuesday 25th September in order to highlight the ‘Conundrum of Single-Use Packaging’. with a strong emphasis on how retailers and waste management firms are handling coffee cup recycling.

Inspiring Action to Reduce Ocean Plastic

Coffee cups contribute to plastic waste in our oceans, with hundreds of marine animals dying each year from ingestion or entanglement in plastic debris. These figures include whales and turtles, and plastic waste also affects over one million seabirds.

Marine debris is man-made waste that is being directly or indirectly disposed of into our oceans, rivers and other waterways. This is one of many problem factors Bywaters wishes to address to property managers, restaurateurs, and sustainability practitioners during this online conference.

Chaired by Letsrecycle, one of the UK’s leading online recycling and waste management publications, the one hour session shall begin promptly at 1pm, kicking-off with three panel discussions from some of the most notable figures in the the waste management industry.

Talks from Industry Experts

Julie Hogarth, Head of Sustainability at Regent Street Management, shall start the proceedings, followed by a talk from Pete Hemmingway, Community Manager from the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

Both of these waste professionals will share valuable knowledge drawing on personal experiences with reducing single-use plastic packaging in the form of case studies – whether it’s reusable coffee cups on sale at tills or doing away with disposable cutlery in its entirety.

These speakers will be followed by Edward van Reenen, Head of Health and Sustainability at Bywaters, with the webinar providing an excellent platform to offer practical advice and showcase the latest solutions and innovations available to businesses. This will help all our clients increase their recycling and sustainable waste management activities.

Bywaters is Proud to Raise Awareness of Single-Use Packaging

At Bywaters, our team is always thinking up new initiatives to promote more sustainable living, and this online event is just one example of our tireless work. Edward van Reenen had this to say:

“This webinar brought to you by Bywaters will enable discussion on the conundrum of single-use packaging – a key topic of the year

“The focus will be on the practical steps that property managers, restaurateurs and sustainability practitioners can take to reduce single-use packaging within their domains.

“Whether it is the recycling of coffee cups with reusable alternatives offered, moving to cutlery and crockery, bio-degradable, or looking at incentives to behaviour change of customers and colleagues. The market place is changing, and this webinar will give you practical information to drive these changes in your place of work.”

After Mr van Reenen’s talk there will be a Q&A session, giving delegates an opportunity to raise any questions or queries they may have about the challenges and solutions raised by the industry experts.

Bywaters to Continue Ramping up Coffee Cup Recycling

The webinar demonstrates Bywaters’ position as a thought leader within the waste management sector. We want to change customer behaviour in order to prevent further pollutants and damage to the environment and wildlife altogether.

Bywaters is already ahead of this curve, after joining Costa Coffee’s recycling scheme, and their pledge to recycle up to 500,000,000 coffee cups per year by 2020. To help achieve its target, Bywaters is offering a pick-up service, where it aims to collect the assortment of paper cups within three-to-five working days from customer premises; providing they have a minimum of 10 full bags.

Additionally, Bywaters advises customers to use clear ninety litre bags, which are also available on request. This is to ensure correct monitoring of the quality of material and prevent cross contamination during the treatment process.

Join the Webinar and Improve your Business’s Sustainability

Delegates wishing to join the webinar can do so by registering here. We look forward to having you there.


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