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Highlighting a hero on World Oceans Day

We caught up with Andrea Zick, A PhD researcher who has merged her expertise as a chef with her love for the environment, in her pursuit to save our planet and inspire and encourage others to do so. But how did PhD Andrea begin her journey, and what inspired her?

Choosing a plant-rich diet, sustainable transport (cycling, train etc.), buying second-hand fashion,  living in shared accommodation, reducing food waste, growing food, planting trees, litter cleaning, constantly learning about the environment, regeneration of nature, and sharing it with anyone who listens.”

Andrea details some of the many things she does to help our planet. To help sustain the environment, you need a lifestyle you can sustain first. Many environmentalists began their journey by taking things one step at a time, finding sustainable activities that align with their interests.

“I started attending the Food Thinkers sessions at City University and following the Sustainable Restaurant Association.”

United neighbours

Highlighting a hero is important to us at Bywaters because we believe it’s easier to take your first step when you see others walking with you. You may not make all the changes you want overnight, but that’s okay. It’s a journey we are all pursuing, day by day. Finding events that pique your interest can help you on your journey.

“In my current role at the OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie. I was put in charge of managing relationships with the membership organisation as well as overseeing the audit and associated projects.”

Blue Planet

During the pandemic, Andrea utilised her chef and entrepreneurial skills, by contributing to the launch of a community kitchen at her place of work. With the help of over 22 volunteers, more than 10,000 meals were prepared and delivered to charities all over London! When highlighting a hero, it’s essential to know their journey. The rewarding moments seem gigantic; however, they’re not possible without the interests that influence the first step.

“I guess it was progressive. First, my interest was linked to food and how healthy food is produced. Followed by watching episodes of Blue Planet. Taking an interest in the *COP meetings and the *Paris Agreements as well as the launch of the *SDGs, all of these debates made me more committed to the cause but also helped educate me.”

Sustainable steps

Small steps help to keep your journey as sustainable as possible. Find things that represent you. Andrea organises beach cleans . In isolation, this may sound new to people; however, it’s an opportunity to spend time with people who care for what you care for. Bonding over a shared passion is human nature.

“I also think it might have to do with my passion for being in nature and my early interest in Biology; seeing the progressively sad news about the breakdown of ecosystems instilled some form of nostalgia in me, remembering past moments in nature and worrying that younger people may not get a chance to do so.”

World Oceans Day can seem like an intimidating title. The ocean covers over 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface. World Ocean Day won’t be a day to save the ocean, but an opportunity to work towards it. Whether you’re like Andrea and organise beach cleans with your friends, or you follow the likes of Nicola White in Mudlarking, there are many ways you can help preserve our beautiful waters, find yours. At Bywaters, we’re proud to have partnered with Andrea.

“I’ve met the team from Bywaters via another member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association – Vacherin. They had organised a littler clean-up on the Thames foreshore by the OXO Tower, and we got involved. Talking with Ed from Bywaters, I quickly realised we could make the efforts of the beach clean Bywaters makes with their Corporate Partners easier by storing the equipment and giving attendees the opportunity to use the toilets and cloakrooms. In addition, thanks to Bywaters, we were able to host additional clean-ups with their equipment without buying new pickers. So, in essence, making better use of it and removing much more litter from the Thames.”

Activities for World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day is an amazing opportunity to get involved in environmentally friendly activities. A chance to speak about the ocean without sounding out of place. There’s many things you can do to help the environment.

To get involved, visit: or

Contact us now to enquire about beach cleans and our environmentally friendly activities. 

*The Paris agreement is a treaty on climate change. The aim is to limit global warming

*An annual UN meeting where nations worldwide come together to discuss climate change and how they can limit global warming!

*Sustainable Development Goals – 17 Sustainable goals set by the UN for all countries to follow.



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