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Each year, 8 million tonnes of plastic waste is added to our oceans – 250kg every second. To help solve this problem, Bywaters is expanding our commitment to fight single-use plastics to include working with our clients on new sustainability initiatives.

Working with Our Clients to Preserve the World’s Oceans

Today, we are delighted to be supporting William Ball and Lucie Frater from BNP Paribas Real Estate through Belgrave House’s Ocean Plastic Awareness Day – part of World Oceans Day. BNP PRE and Bywaters will be holding an awareness-raising event, in addition to a Beach Clean in Brighton by staff from both businesses, and arranged by Bywaters’ Green Gurus.

By removing plastics (and other waste) from the beach, the team will play their part in preventing more waste from ending up in the ocean and reducing ocean plastic pollution, and also help keep one of Britain’s most popular beaches sustainable for future visitors.

Educating People About Sustainable Waste Management

The best way to increase the amount of waste being recycled, and divert waste from landfill, is through educating people on how to handle their rubbish sustainably.

With this in mind, Bywaters’ Green Gurus will be providing sustainable waste management information to property visitors and guests at BNP PRE, as well as giving away reusable bottles, canvas bags, and leaflets with additional information.

They will be informing tenants in Belgrave House how they can reduce the amount of single-use plastics they use – helping the business increase its sustainability.

Cleaning Up Brighton Beach

As well as providing education and reusable items to phase out single-use plastic, Bywaters has arranged for BNP PRE staff, along with Bywaters’ Sian Glover, Jordan Lamb, Ben Beagley, and Harry Harbard to pick up plastic and other litter on Brighton beach on 9th June.

Their aim is to change perspectives – encouraging staff from both organisations to think about what the ocean means to them and what it has to offer, with the hope of conserving it for present and the future generations.

Bywaters has undertaken many such beach cleans in the past, for instance clearing six 80-litre bags of plastic from Gabriel’s Wharf, and found that witnessing the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean has a huge impact on reducing people’s plastic use.

Bywaters Takes the Lead in Driving Sustainable Initiatives

Bywaters takes pride in our position as London’s leading recycling and waste management service provider. With a long history of leading innovations in the field, we always look to promote initiatives to reduce our clients’ use of plastics and implement sustainable alternatives.

Sian Glover, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility for Bywaters said:

“We love the oceans and environment and feel passionately that we need to do our bit to work with our customers to prevent ocean plastic waste. Our work at Bywaters is founded on inspiring others to follow our lead and transform their operational habits to create a better world for future generations.”


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