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Our confidential waste services provide a secure and efficient solution for your business. We understand your data needs to be handled with the utmost care and security, which is why our services prioritise confidentiality.

Why is your information important

As businesses, we all have a responsibility to protect sensitive information. Whether it’s customer data, financial records, or confidential company information, It’s important to ensure this information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Data has been referred to as the new ‘oil’, as it has become an incredibly valuable resource in today’s world. The practice of data harvesting is now one of the fastest growing industries, with an estimated worth of over $200 billion.

A survey conducted in October 2019 found that 45% of respondents in the UK had experienced an attempt at personal data fraud in the last three months. Additionally, there were 226,000 reported cases of identity fraud in 2022, costing the UK nearly £4bn every year. This highlights why it is essential to protect your data and dispose of it correctly.

How does Bywaters ensure the security of your confidential waste?

Security safe or bin?

We provide secure containers for your confidential recycling, which are locked and tamper-proof. These containers are designed to prevent unauthorised access and ensure that your classified papers are protected at all times.

Safe Transportation

Our fleet of sustainable vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking and CCTV cameras, providing real-time visibility for your secure files during transportation. We also use experienced drivers, vetted in accordance with Code of Practice BS 7858:2019 to ensure that your private documents are transported safely and securely.

Secure Destruction

Your expired 007 – James Bond licence and other top-secret files items are securely destroyed using state-of-the-art shredding equipment at our solar-powered material recovery facility, to ensure that your information is fully protected thus meeting the BS EN 15713 standard for secure destruction. Once the documents have been completely wiped out, we will provide you with a certificate, confirming that your confidential information has been permanently erased and will never be accessible again.

What is the BS EN 15713 standard

BS EN 15713 is a standard used in Europe that offers businesses a structure to handle and manage the destruction of any confidential material that they possess, guaranteeing secure and safe disposal. This standard is intended to be included in the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and outlines the process for securely collecting, handling, storing, and disposing of confidential waste while ensuring a high-quality service.


Our confidential waste services are fully compliant with all relevant legislation, plus we have the accreditation to prove it, including the Data Protection Act and GDPR in:

• BS EN 15713:2009
• BS 7858:2019
• ISO 9001 Certified
• ISO 14001 Certified
• ISO 27001 (Cyber Essential)

We also have extensive experience working with a range of industries, including healthcare, financial services, and legal, so you can be confident that your confidential waste is being handled by experts.

Confidential waste process

We provide specialised secure confidential bins
Your waste is then collected by tracked low-emission vehicles
Your confidential waste is shredded to BS EN 15713 standards
We provide you with a certificate of destruction
The shredded paper is recycled into new high-quality paper products

Let’s shred to the chase

In addition to these security measures, we are committed to minimising your environmental impact. We use closed-loop recycling to ensure that your confidential waste is repurposed into new materials, rather than ending up in a landfill.

Our confidential waste services provide a secure and efficient solution for businesses in need of confidential waste disposal. We prioritise security, compliance, and sustainability, making us the top choice for businesses seeking to protect your sensitive information while minimising your environmental impact


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