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Bywaters is set to launch coffee cup recycling campaign in three London universities with Hubbub and Starbucks, helping our clients in the education sector further reduce their carbon footprints.

Bywaters Awarded the Starbucks and Hubbub Cup Fund

This new project has been enabled by Bywaters being awarded the Cup Fund grant by Hubbub and Starbucks. Bywaters’ Cup Fund project aims to increase coffee cup recycling by rolling out a dedicated recycling stream across the campuses of three London universities: University of Westminster, London School of Economics (LSE), and Queen Mary University of London.

Starting from October 2019, the project will target at least 66,000 students and staff members who use or pass through these university campuses.

Improving Coffee Cup Recycling Infrastructure

Through the installation of eye-catching coffee cup recycling bins paired with a robust and student-focused communication campaigns, Bywaters aim to induce long-term behavioural change and increase public awareness around recycling and reducing single-use packaging.

The project will introduce accessible and user-friendly disposal facilities for students, university staff and campus visitors to maximise the recycling of coffee cups on site.

All Collections to be Carbon Neutral

Having already developed a coffee cup recycling solution as part of its business activities, Bywaters will be using their zero emissions electric van to collect coffee cups from the various London locations. The collected cups will then be taken to dedicated paper mills in the UK for reprocessing.

For updates about the project, visit our Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts where we will be posting regular updates about the project’s progress and initiatives.


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