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Can you save money on waste collections whilst reducing your environmental impact?

The current financial climate has led to many businesses reassessing their organisation’s spending in pursuit of savings. Bywaters understand the need for a responsible, efficient and sustainable waste management system, that doesn’t pull on your pocket strings. To help, we have put together a guide of 5 simple ways you can save money on your waste collections whilst improving your environmental impact.

Utilise the space on site

All too often we see new customers with one bin serviced five times a week. One of the fundamental ways to reduce waste costs is to ensure that your onsite solution is fit for purpose. 

Re-assess your space on site.

Maximising the use of space will allow for more bins to be installed – reducing the number of collections required, and your costs and emissions in the process. 

Bywaters offer multi-bin discounts to their customers, so the more bins onsite, the more you save. We’ve already crunched some numbers, and by reducing your collection frequency, you could reduce disposal costs by as much as 20%. Not only that, but a reduction from 7 pick-ups per week to just 1, reduces your Co2 production by 100 kgCO2e per year. That’s enough to charge your smart phone 12,753 times.

Make sure you have the right sized bins on site

A common mistake most businesses make is utilising the wrong equipment for their space, in particular, getting bin sizes wrong for the space at hand. We regularly come across sites that use the wrong sized bin for the waste being produced, which in turn, impacts their ability to effectively manage waste, and leads to overinflated costs. The below guide highlights the different wheelie bins and their uses:

Invest in machinery

Investing in machinery may seem like a daunting prospect – buying outright can  present  significant upfront costs, whilst rental costs can appear to be intimidating. However, if you have the space, the benefits significantly outweigh the costs.

Manufactures continue to innovate and there are numerous options available to suit sites of all sizes. From onsite balers and shredders to weighing scales, technology has made leaps and bounds to reducing costs and improving environmental impact. 

Bywaters work with several industry-leading manufacturers and a team of expert in-house engineers, to help give our customers the best equipment for the job. We offer everything from miniature compaction units, ideal for space-squeezed properties, to tailor-made compactors made entirely to your needs. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Of course, when it comes to Waste Management a key target  will always be increasing your recycling rates. The majority of businesses now have a Sustainability strategy which includes moving waste up the hierarchy; Reducing, Reusing and Recycling where possible. We all know the environmental benefits of Recycling, however, circular economy initiatives can have a big impact on your waste costs.

Although the cost of recycling material has increased over the past 2 years, it is still significantly lower than sending waste to incinerators or even worse, landfill. Exploring reuse options can have an even bigger impact, in fact, WRAP recently estimated that at  least 50% of what organisations wasted in terms of office furniture, could have been reused. 

Bywaters have worked alongside organisations dedicated to fighting needless waste, such as Reyooz, an online application used to redistribute furniture and equipment to charities, the NHS, and schools throughout the UK. Together, Bywaters and Reyooz have saved over 161,105kg of quality furniture from going to incineration;  providing a more cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to our clients.

Work with the right service partner

It goes without saying that getting a solution right is a partnership approach. The right advice, at the right time, can ensure that costs are kept to a minimum whilst meeting your targets. Bywaters continue to work with our clients to support their goals and ambitions, whilst exploring cost-effective solutions.

If you think that Bywaters could help, or need advice on the best way to minimise your waste costs, get in touch today to speak with one of our waste experts.  


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