Static Compactor

Our static compactors are a fantastic cost-saving solution, capable of compacting large volumes of waste materials, streamlining waste disposal for your business. As compacting your waste drastically reduces the number of waste collections required, you could save thousands of pounds a year, whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

Compacting Waste & Time

The robust on-site static compactors are heavy-duty machines, explicitly designed for compacting large volumes of dense waste material into a smaller physical space. For businesses of all sizes, a static waste compactor can provide a variety of advantages and are a more efficient alternative to bins and skips.

Compactors minimise the volume of waste, nullifying the need for multiple bins, reducing waste transportation, costs and emissions. Furthermore, you will benefit from a more seamless waste management service and a tidier work environment.

Our static compactors require little maintenance and are designed with high-quality mechanisms by our finest engineers, who can also Byspoke your compactor to your needs.

Compactor Specifications

Static Compactor

• Capacity 1.6m³ (2.1yd³)
• Compaction force: 27 tonnes
• Cross-cylinder compactor
• Loading aperture 1510mm x 1100mm
• Charge box depth: 1100mm
• Dimensions: LxWxH: 2500mm x 1716mm x 2661mm
• Ram height: 635mm
• Motor: 7.5kW
• Power required: 3 phase 32A, 415V, 50hZ
• Throughput per hour: 51.8m³
• Cycle time: 46 seconds
• HARDOX wear strips in ram chamber
• IP65 electrical box



Auger Compactor

Auger Compactor - Compactor Hire

The auger compactor is a variation on the more commonly used static compactor. The auger uses a screw compaction mechanism which pushes material into the screw for high efficiency throughput. This compactor is able to handle different material types with varying motors for the different streams.

• Motor: 11kW
• Feed height: 1300mm (without hopper)
• Charge box dimensions: 1450mm x 1450mm
• Charge box volume: 1.25m³
• Throughput: 130m³ per hour
• Speed: 11.5 revs. per minute
• Cycle time: 46 seconds
• Dimensions: LxWxH: 1900 x 2050 x 1300mm


Static Roll Compactor

Static Roll Packer

The static roll packer is able to increase payloads in open containers from 2 tonnes to 10 tonnes. This can offer substantial cost savings on transport. The rollpacker is able to deal with almost all types of bulky waste. There is an option for a variable cycle which means the machine can keep working whilst you continue with business as usual.

• Spiked drum weighs 1.5 tonnes
• Compacts waste in to 35 & 50 cubic yard containers
• Compaction rations between3:1 and 7:1 dependent on waste type
• Spiked drum weighs 1.5 tonnes
• Compacts waste in to 35 & 50 cubic yard containers
• Compaction rations between3:1 and 7:1 dependent on waste type

Bywaters’ highly skilled engineers can design a bespoke static compactor for your operations. Our compactors are extremely versatile and can be equipped with a variety of add-ons to increase convenience make collections easier. The compactors can be customised to include:

– Different containers for storage
– Different hoppers for accessibility
– Different shoots for utility
– Different intakes for readiness
– Custom designs for branding and image

Compactor Hire FAQs

Using our compactor hire service limits the amount of storage space you need onsite. Able to hold large amounts of waste, a compactor will also reduce the number of trips you need to make back and forth to empty the container, saving time, money and reducing your business’s carbon footprint.

A compactor has a hydraulic metal ram at the top of the container, which crushes the waste to reduce its surface area. Once the operator has loaded the compactor and secured it, the ram is activated and compacting begins.

Most material can be compacted, but there are some exceptions. Toxic flammable and explosive materials, batteries and liquids should never enter a compactor, as the pressure applied during the process can result in destruction and injury.

Static compactors are a permanent fixture on your site and are capable of utilising different size containers. The lack of movement of static compactor means it can withstand more pressure translating into higher payloads and it is less likely to be damaged. In contrast, portable compactors have the utility to move around and can visit different sites.

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