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Working together to drive sustainability throughout BNP Paribas Real Estate’s national portfolio

BNP Paribas Real Estate, one of the leading international real estate providers, offers its clients a comprehensive range of services that span the entire real estate lifecycle.  As real estate service providers “for a changing world”, BNP Paribas Real Estate not only anticipate future real estate challenges, but embrace innovation to become a proactive force in shaping our urban and rural environments for the better.

The Task

With the built environment now responsible for approximately 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions, BNP Paribas Real Estate enlisted the help of Bywaters to help them achieve their sustainability goals, working together to improve recycling and sustainability nationwide across properties under its management control.

The Answer

Working in partnership, Bywaters focused on engagement and raising awareness throughout the portfolio. Their dedicated “Green Gurus” have to date provided over 500 hours of engagement activities, from cleaner training to on-site audits and waste awareness days. These ongoing actions help to identify any potential improvements that could be made to onsite waste/resource management, and have allowed for bespoke action plans to be developed to boost recycling rates and overall sustainability.

As with most London property management organisations, space and access restrictions are key considerations for resource management contracts of this type. Bywaters understands the drive to reduce vehicle emissions, and as such have continued to provide bespoke and innovative machinery in order to deliver the best solution for each location, saving space and reducing vehicle movements, wherever possible.

Outside of on-going day-to-day operations, the partners have worked together on a number of corporate responsibility initiatives. The success of these initiatives, and the commitment shown by both parties, resulted in winning a “Partnership in Corporate Social Responsibility” award at the PFM Awards in 2019. This success centred on a shared drive to reduce the amount of plastic entering the oceans; BNP Paribas Real Estate was a key partner in Bywaters’ work with Sky on the Oceans Rescue campaign, culminating in a large annual beach clean for World Oceans Day.

Bywaters have been our preferred service partner in waste management for several years now, and have provided exemplary service at a site and portfolio level throughout that time. Bywaters work with us and our property management clients to deliver solutions to the wide variety of resource management issues that can arise. They provide bespoke services to fit in with our particular needs and have helped us hit our ambitious environmental targets, securing industry awards year on year.”

Nick Hillard – Sustainability Director

The Outcome

The hard work put in at all levels has provided great results across the portfolio, with a growth in average recycling rates from 38% to above 70%, and these impressive numbers are only continuing to rise.

Recycling rate growth from 38% to above 70%

100% waste diverted from landfill

Carbon savings 3,000t per year

Partnership in CSR award at PFM Awards 2019

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