Can you recycle metal?


Yes you can!

How to recycle metal at home

Most metals can be placed in your household recycling bin. Make sure that you read the labels to confirm what materials are used to create the product. If the product is a composite material (a physical combination of two or more materials) and the materials cannot be separated, then the product will have to be placed into the Non-Recycling waste stream.

  1. Once the metals have been placed in the Dry Mixed Recycling stream, it will be collected and transported to your local Materials Recovery Facility where it will be sorted and processed before being transported to a recycling centre.
  2. From there, they are transformed into brand-new products.

How to recycle metal for your business

  1. Your metal will be securely stored in appropriate containers ready for collection. 
  2. The Bywaters transport team will collect and deliver your metal to our Gateway site, ready for sorting and quality control. 
  3. Our team of recycling experts will then segregate your metal based on value and density, with the majority going to reprocessors. 
  4. Your tin and aluminium will be reprocessed into coil sheets 
  5. Your steel will be turned into alloy
  6. Thin metal will be repurposed for the packaging industry, whilst larger metals will be used for the automotive industry.



  • Remove all food scraps or liquid residue
  • Rinse all metal before recycling
  • Remove and lids or attachments on the item you are recycling

Do not

  • Recycle metals with radioactive properties (such as uranium or plutonium).
  • Recycle metals containing lead or mercury.
  • Dispose of razor blades in the Dry Mixed Recycling stream, these will have to be wrapped up and disposed of in the Non-Recycling stream.

The Construction Waste Recycling Process

Bywaters provides skips to store your construction waste

We collect your waste using our sustainable Euro 6 fleet

Construction waste is taken to our specialised facility in East London

Each of the material streams is separated from each other

Materials are recycled for reuse in the construction industry

Facts about metal

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