Can you recycle furniture?


Yes, you can!
Seperate waste stream required

How to recycle furniture at home

Recycling furniture is a great way to reduce waste and help the environment. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the instructions for recycling can vary depending on the material the furniture is made of. Some materials, like wood or metal, can be recycled through your household recycling service if it is not mixed with other matierials or liquids, such as glue. Whether you’re looking to recycle an old couch or a dining table, taking the time to learn about the proper recycling methods for that specific item is essential to ensure it gets disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way. Before recycling, consider donating your item to a friend, charity or organisation. Depending on its materials, furniture that is irreparable can be taken to your local recycling centre.

How to recycle furniture for your business

The most reliable waste management companies will always prioritise a circular approach to recycling. Your furniture will be assessed by our team of sustainability specialists, who will create a thorough list of new potential homes for your items. The transport team at Bywaters will work around your schedule to collect and redistribute your furniture to the best possible candidate. 

    1. Firstly, we would see if we could re-home the furniture (if there was no damages). We would speak to existing clients and partners in the area.
    2. Our transport team arrange a suitable time to collect your bulky waste.
    3. Your items will be transported via our environmentally friendly Euro 6 Fleet to our solar powered recycling centre.
    4. Your bulky waste will be broken down and segregated at our Gateway Road site into recyclable and non-recyclable.
    5. The materials our state-of-the-art system and sustainability specialist deem recyclable and salvageable are sent to reprocessors to be transformed into new items, such as furniture.
    6. The materials that can not be recycled are incinerated, with the energy produced used to power London through the national grid.



  • Consider where you may be able to donate your furniture to
  • Search through our list of possible collection points for furniture
  • Contact your local council to have your furniture collected

Do not

  • Do not put furniture outside of your house. It is a common misconception that this is permitted, however, it is not true and it is in fact not lawful, and can result in a fine

The Bulky Waste Recycling Process

Your waste is segregated for collection

We collect your waste using our sustainable Euro 6 fleet

The waste is taken to our specialised facility in East London

Each of the material streams is separated from each other

Materials are recycled for reuse

The Energy Recovery Process

Your waste is segregated for collection

It is collected by our Euro 6 vehicles

The material is bulked together at our facility in Bow

Barges transport the bulked waste to an energy from waste plant

The waste is incinerated, feeding energy into the National Grid

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