Can you recycle food waste?


Yes you can!
Separate waste stream required

How to recycle food waste at home

How to recycle or reuse food waste

Yes, food waste is recyclable. Most London boroughs provide a small caddy for your food waste.

  1. Assess if the food you want to throw away can still be eaten.
  2. Check the use-by date and any other signs. 
  3. Donate any food that can still be eaten. You can download the Olio app to donate your food to people in your area that may need it.
  4. All London boroughs are provided with a food waste caddy and a compost bin for proper recycling.
  5. Depending on the type of food you’re recycling, place it in either one of these bins.

How to recycle food waste at your business

Food waste has its own waste stream.

  1. Place all food waste in your designated food bin.
  2. Our transport team will arrange a suitable time to collect your food waste.
  3. Your food waste will be transported to one of our trusted partners’ anaerobic digestion plan.
  4. Your food will be broken down into high quality fertiliser.
  5. This process simultaneously produces methane to generate energy.
  6. The energy generated from your food waste is used to power London’s electricity grid.
  7. The remaining energy generated is used to power our partners plants.


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  • Dispose of leftover food waste into the food waste bin
  • Detach any removable or loose attachments i.e. packaging. This includes compostable and biodegradable packaging.

Do not

  • Put non-organic materials in the food waste bin. This includes compostable and biodegradable packaging.
  • Keep packaging on the food – this includes compostable packaging

The Food Recycling Process

Food waste is collected by our Euro 6 fleet

Bins are either replaced or cleaned to maintain hygiene

Your food waste is transported to an Anaerobic Digestion plant

Food waste is broken down into high-grade fertiliser

This process simultaneously produces bio-methane

Facts about food waste

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