Can you recycle Christmas cards?


Yes you can!

How to recycle Christmas cards at home

Christmas cards can be thrown into your regular recycling bin at home.

  1. Christmas cards are largely made from paper. Therefore, they can be recycled in the same way as other pieces of paper and cardboard.
  2. Cards with any embellishments such as glitter, ribbons, sequins or foil cannot be recycled as they would contaminate this waste stream.
  3. Remove any decorations from the front of the card and place in your recycling bin.

How to recycle Christmas cards for your business

Christmas cards are easy to recycle, you can place them with your Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR)

  1. Ensure your Christmas cards are free of glitter, foil, and other materials.
  2. Contact Bywaters to schedule a collection.
  3. Our network of facilities help bring new life to this product.


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  • Place you Christmas cards in the recycling bin
  • Use as decorations or to create new cards.
  • Consider donating your unused greeting cards or keeping them for reuse the following year

Do not

  • Do not put put Christmas cards with glitter or foil in your recycling bin

The Dry Mixed Recycling Process

Your material is collected by our Euro 6 fleet

The waste is tipped into our solar-powered MRF

Each material is segregated at our specialised facility

Individual material streams are bulked and baled

Final bulked material is sent to be recycled

Facts about Christmas cards

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