Can you recycle animal bedding?


Yes, you can!
Seperate waste stream required

How to recycle animal bedding at home

Wood-based animal bedding can be recycled at home. However, there are currently no tailored domestic bin options available to recycle animal bedding entirely made from fabric or plastic at home.

  1. If your animal bedding is made of organic material such as sawdust, it can be put into your compost bin or garden waste bin. However, do not put it in your food bin, as they largely go through separate processes.
  2. This material can also be used for home composting.
  3. Otherwise, check with your recycling centre if they can accept them.

How can you recycle animal bedding for your business?

Wood-based animal bedding is likely to have to go through composting. Arrange for it to be collected by your waste providers for compostable waste.

  1. Collect and store your animal bedding separately.
  2. Contact Bywaters, who will be able to arrange a collection. We will provide you with the right resources to dispose of these items sustainably.
  3. Your compostable waste will be handled by Envar, our partner facilities, who will turn it into organic compost.
  4. Alternatively, unsalvageable animal bedding made from fabric or plastic will likely have to go through our partner energy from waste facility.


To do

  • Consider using it for home composting
  • You can recycle bedding/items that are entirely fabric or plastic through its respective waste stream
  • Soiled hay may be put in your garden waste bin

Do not

  • Do not place  wood-based animal bedding in your food waste bin
  • Do not place items contaminated with animal waste in any domestic bin

The Dry Mixed Recycling Process

Your material is collected by our Euro 6 fleet

The waste is tipped into our solar-powered MRF

Each material is segregated at our specialised facility

Individual material streams are bulked and baled

Final bulked material is sent to be recycled

The Composting Process

Your waste is collected by our Euro 6 fleet

It is then brought to our composting partner facilities

Your waste then undergoes composting

It then breaks down and recycles organic matter

This then produces compost for agriculture and horticulture

The Hazardous Waste Recycling Process

We provide safe and secure hazardous waste containers

Your hazardous waste is collected by environmentally-friendly vehicles

Some waste types, like oils, can be recycled into fuels

Other streams are sent to energy from waste facilities for recovery

Energy recovered from your waste is fed back into the National Grid

Facts about animal beddings and waste

  • Straw is considered the most popular and versatile bedding in agriculture, suitable for most livestock.
  • It is important to wash your hands after handling bedding contaminated with animal waste. From varying worms to e. coli, there are a number of nasty things that even the most common household pets can spread.
  • You can purchase or build 100% recyclable eco-friendly animal bedding.

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