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Haaland’s remarkable emergence has been a captivating watch for football fans worldwide, with Arsenal on the brink of their first League championship in almost two decades. While many eyes are trained on the goal-scoring charts to track his progress, Sports Positive recently released an alternative Premier League table revealing the most environmentally friendly teams. In this regard, it was Tottenham Hotspur who topped the table with their commitment to sustainability initiatives over recent years. As for those teams close to relegation from this alternative table, Newcastle United posed some cause for concern as they battle to remain at mid-table security. With climate change being such a critical issue and teams rallying behind sustainable initiatives, this section of the Sport Positive Premier League could become increasingly important in the coming years.

This table considers various topics such as Policy and Commitment, Single Use Plastic Reduction or Removal, Biodiversity Education and more. The recognition of this table gives us an insight you’re your football teams’ dedication to becoming more sustainable in terms of their practices – whether it be Clean Energy for stadium production or Sustainability Transport for away trips. It is imperative that teams consider their approach to sustainability if they desire to rise up in the sport. After all, sustainable success can only be achieved by continuously looking after our environment.


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