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The Bywaters team attended the Policy Connect’s reception at the House of Commons!

With the effects of climate change looming, far reaching policy change and input from the wider business community is required to achieve the UN’s goal of limiting global temperature increases to 1.5C, compared to pre-industrial levels. With that in mind, we were excited to attend Policy Connect’s reception at the House of Commons Terrace on 22nd February, to discuss priorities for Net Zero and Climate Change in 2022.

The engaging event brought together stakeholders across industry, connecting sustainability experts, business leaders and parliamentarians to discuss what is needed from the various sustainability sectors to reach the UK’s net zero ambitions.

Representing Bywaters, John P Glover, Managing Director, and John S Glover, Chief Executive, were impressed by the many speakers, covering a range of topics throughout the night. Addresses were made by Natasha Engel, Chair of Policy Connect, Alan Whitehead, MP, our host, Dr Yagya Regmi and Dr Laurie King (Both representing Manchester Metropolitan University), Wera Hobhouse, MP for Bath and Michael Lewis, CEO of Eon.

Following the addresses, we had an opportunity to discuss future policy decisions and net zero strategy for the UK. These eye-opening talks showcased some of the ground-breaking work taking place across the UK to reduce environmental impact. One example that stood out, was the impressive Dr King and her team, who are looking hard at alternative fuels and hoping for a breakthrough in these areas.

With Policy change at the heart of the evenings agenda, we enjoyed speaking with Wera Hobhouse, MP for Bath, about the best solutions to lead us all forward. We have invited Wera to visit us at Bow to see the practicalities of our work. Wera would not be the first politician to visit our MRF, previous “Guests” have included Hilary Benn, the Parliamentary Environmental Audit Select Committee and Boris Johnson, with both experiences proving educational.

Finally, as a long-term client of Eon, we particularly enjoyed discussing electricity management with Michael Lewis. Michael certainly has a deep level of knowledge of electricity management at the highest levels. It was great to have the opportunity to discuss our long and successful relationship, whist hearing Eon’s plans for the future of energy.

We were pleased to have been invited to further meetings in Westminster, which demonstrates the importance of resource management within the UK’s sustainability plans. Watch this space for developments!


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