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It is with incredible sadness that we announce the passing of our Deputy Managing Director, Amanda Brown. Amanda passed away on Sunday 5th of September 2021 following a long period of illness, which she very stoically worked to overcome.

Amanda was a “One in a Million” leader, whose impact will be remembered for many years.

Amanda has helped lead the business over the past 36 years. There is not a department in Bywaters where her presence has not been felt. Amanda’s leadership helped drive Bywaters forward, inspiring colleagues and clients along the way. Her strong and caring personality was infectious. It helped shape the culture that makes the Bywaters of today.

With Amanda’s passing, John P Glover has taken on the role of Managing Director at Bywaters, having filled this position temporarily since January 2020. John S Glover has taken on the role of Chief Executive Officer at Bywaters, as the Company builds on Amanda’s legacy.

Should you wish to send any messages or receive further information please direct them towards John S Glover at Further information regarding the funeral arrangements will follow in due course.


Amanda Brown


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