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We are excited to launch our free online waste management course! Made up of four modules, the program focuses on correct waste segregation, sustainability and recycling contamination – to help you improve your knowledge and reduce your waste footprint.  

The course is ideal if you are looking to improve yours or your organisation’s recycling rate and associated emissions. Staff from companies including London Fire Brigade and BNPRE have already completed the course, becoming accredited for their understanding of waste disposal.  

So, why don’t you join them and many others, by enrolling in the free Bywaters waste management course, and lead yourself to a more sustainable future?  

The Modules

The course will cover four modules, to help you learn how to recycle your waste correctly and safely.  

  • Module 1 – Recycling contaminations – what can cause recycling contamination. 
  • Module 2 – Know your bin colours – what waste goes into the corresponding-coloured bin. 
  • Module 3 – Waste hierarchy – reduce, reuse, recycle, recover and disposal. 
  • Module 4 – Know your hazards – The importance of PPE and the effects of disposing of waste in the wrong stream.

What do you get for completing the course? 

On completion, you will become a certified waste management champion! This will enforce your position as a more sustainable individual and reassure others of your recycling knowledge.  

Where can I take the course?

you can take the course here!



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