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Our new electric dustcarts will buzzing around the city early this year

Bywaters will be rolling out the first of our new fleet of entirely electric vehicles, starting with the eCollect, from refuse collection vehicle specialists Dennis Eagle.

Zero-emissions vehicles for a more sustainable London

This 100% electric vehicle is at the cutting edge of zero-emission waste collection logistics, providing all of the standard features of equivalent fossil-fuelled options – including bin lift and telematics technologies. In addition to eliminating emissions, the vehicle is cheaper to maintain and quieter to operate, for an additional reduction in noise pollution on collection visits.

The fleet will be charged via our on on-site vehicle charging points, with electricity drawn from our retro-fitted rooftop solar PV array, the largest such installation in the whole of London.

As part of the procurement process, we have conducted trial runs on a number of our City of London collection routes to test functionality and battery life, and most importantly ensure that fleet roll-out is seamless and benefits are delivered from day one.

We expect the first of this new fleet to be operational in early 2022, and deliver immediate benefits to our clients in terms of further reducing carbon emissions relating to waste logistics – at no additional cost to you.


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