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The search for a new job is often a daunting task, made even more difficult when you’re trying to find a position that is both sustainable and fulfilling. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of five great ‘green’ jobs that will let you do good while also feeling good about yourself. From working at a solar energy company to helping to preserve local ecosystems, these jobs allow you to make a positive impact on the world around you. And best of all, they’re all relatively easy to get into, with little experience required. So, if you’re looking for a sustainable job this Green Careers Week, that will make you happy, be sure to check out our list. You might find your perfect career!

HGV driver

While most people associate “green jobs” with careers in environmental science or renewable energy, there are actually a wide variety of occupations that fall under this umbrella. One of the most important but often underrated green jobs is that of the heavy goods vehicle (HGV) driver. HGV drivers play a vital role in transporting goods for various environmental industries, such as recycling and waste management. They help to keep our roads clear of congestion and pollution, and their salaries can range up to £43,000 per year. In short, HGV drivers are an essential part of the green economy – and they are well-paid for their efforts.


If you’re passionate about both the environment and design, then a career in eco-architecture could be for you! Eco-architects design buildings and other structures with sustainability in mind. This means considering things like the use of renewable energy, water conservation, and materials selection. As an eco-architect, you would help to create a built environment that minimises its impact on the natural world.

Account manager

Account managers play an important role in supporting businesses that want to adopt sustainable practices. As the liaison between the company and the sustainability-based organisation, they ensure that both parties are satisfied with the arrangement. In recent years, there has been a growing trend for businesses to partner with sustainability-based companies to better manage their waste, water and energy usage. This trend will likely continue as more organisations recognise the benefits of sustainable practices. Account managers will be uniquely positioned to provide a valuable service to businesses and sustainability-based organisations. As the demand for sustainable solutions grows, so too will the need for account managers with the skills and knowledge to support these arrangements.

Environmental consultant

An environmental consultant provides advice to clients on how to minimise their impact on the environment. They may work in a variety of industries, such as construction, mining, or oil and gas. Environmental consultants often have a background in science or engineering and may also have experience in project management. As an environmental consultant, you could find yourself working on some of the world’s most iconic buildings or natural landmarks!

Sustainability manager

A sustainability manager is responsible for developing and implementing sustainability strategies. They work with all parts of an organisation, from the boardroom to the shop floor. With the Paris agreement and many more sustainability-related initiatives taking place over the last decade, sustainability specialists have become a necessity at some of your favourite businesses. One of the many perks is the plethora of companies you can work at, with just about all of the major players in search of the best sustainability specialists available.

A sustainability manager must be able to influence others and make difficult decisions. They also need to have a good understanding of environmental issues and the latest sustainability trends. If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding career, then consider becoming a sustainability manager!

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These are just five of the many careers that you could consider! If you’re interested in a career that helps the environment, then be sure to check out Green Careers Week for more information and inspiration.

At Bywaters, we are proud to offer a range of environmentally friendly jobs. We are always looking for enthusiastic and dedicated individuals to join our team. So if you are interested in making a difference, visit our website today and start your journey with Bywaters.

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