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Monday 12th November was yet another landmark date in Bywaters’ award winning calendar.

We were delighted to find out that our partnerships with Linklaters, ISS-Barclays, LandSec, Great Ormond Street Hospital, CLS, BNP Paribas Real Estate, and London Borough of Tower Hamlets had been rewarded at the 2018 Green Apple Awards for their outstanding work around improving their environmental performance.

The Green Apple Awards

Hosted at the prestigious Houses of Parliament, the Green Apple Awards are internationally recognised as the high-water mark for environmental excellence across all markets and industry sectors. With such stiff competition, only the most innovative and efficient partnerships stood a chance at grabbing the coveted awards.

A variety of our clients returned as worthy winners from this year’s ceremony. Here is a list of our valued customers who achieved gold, silver, and bronze awards in 2018:

Gold Award

ISS-Barclays and CLS

ISS-Barclays and CLS both won the Gold Environment Award in the national campaign to find the greenest and most sustainable individuals, companies, councils and communities.

ISS-Barclays were rewarded by the judging panel for “achieving five-figure savings and zero waste to landfill, as well as a host of reduction measures that improve both the bottom line and their carbon footprint.”

The judges comments extended to the exceptional work CLS has done, highlighting the innovative work they accomplished throughout the last year:

“Working in partnership, Bywaters collect around 1,000 tonnes of office waste from CLS every year and helped achieve 71% recycling. This innovative waste programme has already produced significant results at 4 offices, all of which are above 80% recycling. The partnership’s success is based on trust and engagement; a rare bond between a client and a sub-contractor that has blossomed into a productive professional relationship.”

Silver Award

London Borough of Tower Hamlets, BNP Paribas Real Estate, Great Ormond Street Hospital, and LandSec

London Borough of Tower Hamlets have won the Silver Green Apple award for “Environmental best Practice”, and BNP Paribas Real Estate, Great Ormond Street Hospital, and LandSec all won the Silver Environment Award in the national campaign to find the greenest individuals, companies, councils, and communities.

This is a recognition of the improvements made to the reception and improved processing of 12,000 tonnes per annum of Dry Mixed Recycling; reducing their carbon foot print and improving procedures for mitigating contamination. This includes Zero to landfill for any contamination.

BNP Paribas Real Estate impressed the judges over their 3 year project having already paid for itself in the first twelve months – achieving savings of over £150,000 and almost 700 tons of CO2 emissions. They continued to praise the innovative work, saying:

“In a program of improving CHP plant control and contractor awareness, Carbon credentials have worked with BNP Paribas on two sites to try to reduce energy use.”

Great Ormond Street Hospital are starting to reap the rewards of a 25 year long redevelopment project. Their aim was to create a waste management system that maximises reuse and recycling opportunities as the site evolves.

After being crowed 2017 Green Apple Champions of Champions, their success followed them into this year where the judges said:

“They are already on the right track with the hospital achieving excellent recycling rates for the sector.”

LandSec’s Zig Zag building now operates at a 92% recycling rate through cost-effective innovations. The judges highlighted how:

“LandSec and Bywaters share a partnership built around a unique understanding of the clients needs, giving Bywaters the opportunity to completely overhaul the waste management system they can provide.”

Bronze Award


Linklaters have won the Bronze Environment Award in the national campaign to find the greenest individuals, companies, councils and communities. The award was down to the implementation of multi-stream waste recycling and waste reduction measures across the board – with the company now boasting a diversion of over 80%.

The award emphasised the transformation of existing waste management issues into a prosperous relationship for both Bywaters and Linklaters. The judges commented:

“The large premises of this large law firm had large waste management issues. By partnering with Bywaters these have become large wins.”

Bywaters Are Proud to Bring Success to Our Clients

By partnering with Bywaters clients are made aware of productive enhancements to their waste services, accompanied by an abundance of practical innovations implemented throughout their business. This is how we form fruitful relationships and achieve results like these at the Green Apple Awards.

Our partnerships extend far beyond the realms of standard service provision; we passionately believe in our efficient sustainable solutions and their ability to provide environmental, operational, and financial benefits.

Mark Harbard, Associate Director at Bywaters, said:

“We are delighted that the efforts made by employees at our award winning customer sites are being recognised and celebrated in this way.

“We are committed to pioneering ethical, innovative and responsible waste management solutions for our customers to reduce waste and promote environmental sustainability and these solutions are delivering some amazing results.

“The awards made to our customers are a welcome acknowledgement of our joint efforts.”


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