Become A Green Guru

Are you aware of your businesses’ carbon footprint? Are you up to speed on environmental legislation or the potential value of your waste materials? If the answer to these questions is ‘no’, then you’re in luck! Our ‘Green Guru’ service guides you on the right path as you start your recycling journey – helping you to save the environment, reduce your carbon footprint and realise the benefits of responsible material management.

Green is the
new black

Being a Green Guru is more than an audit; it’s a way of life. Our services are the answer to your waste management challenges; from comprehensive waste, water and energy audits to researching new ways to capitalise on material capture, we will find the best fit for your business and your budget.

Whether you’re a humble café owner or a Fortune 500 powerhouse, we’ve got just the right solution. Our tiered services cater for any business in any industry, giving you peace of mind that our environmental experts give you the attention you deserve, regardless of size:

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For more information on how to become a Green Guru, or how Bywaters can support your waste management needs, please contact our Education team on info@bywaters.co.uk or call us on 0207 001 6000.