Bywaters delivers same day waste audits using new app

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Continuous innovation helps improve customer service


Bywaters, London’s largest undercover waste management company, has recently invested in a new mobile app that allows property and facilities managers to measure the effectiveness of their existing waste management system. With the new app Bywaters can deliver a Final Recommendations document back to its customers the same day.

Bywaters has designed a bespoke template which enables waste audits to be processed much more quickly and easily than ever before and their innovative use of the app for the waste industry effectively transforms what was previously a paperwork exercise.

According to Associate Director Mark Harbard: “Bywaters will be using this audit app for all our customers so we can review their current methods of handling waste. By identifying potential cost savings faster, the app can help our customers start to improve their recycling levels, reduce their carbon footprint and obtain better value from their waste materials. We are always looking for new, smarter ways of helping our customers reduce costs and improve their reuse and recycling rates.”

Data captured via the app will replace paper forms, from a driver daily check sheet to a signed contract.  The software, which can generate any report required, from a simple pdf check list, to a detailed word document, will include photos and diagrams.  Physical (and therefore costly) storage space will be saved through the use of electronic forms rather than paper, and a simple archive means documents can be retrieved quickly.  Legal and environmental compliance can be improved too, as electronic forms can be flagged up in advance of expiry dates to help keep all documentation up to date.

Regular waste audits, in conjunction with expert advice from Bywaters’ “Green Gurus”, enables organisations to benefit from ongoing performance monitoring of waste segregation, waste prevention at source, and best use of compactors, balers, bins and weighing equipment.

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