Anti-plastic Aberporth welcomes Bywaters Environmental

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Aberporth welcomes Bywaters

The former Fishing village of Aberporth made up of its 1,100 populates welcomed Bywaters Environmental last week, as we ventured down to the west coast of Ceredigion to support their crusade against single use plastic products. The initiative has been adopted by plenty of establishments throughout the area like the village store preferring to sell the milk in glass bottles with the local pub favouring paper drinking straws over the detrimental plastic option.

Throughout our stay we visited the coast line to help clear our shores of any debris and rubbish. In comparison to our previous beach cleans the welsh coastal village conjured up an effortless job for our team who came home with very empty bin liners! The Aberporth campaign is being led by local resident Gail Tudor, who took part in a fact-finding tour of the British coastline to see the effect discarded plastics were having on marine life and the shore earlier this year.

Here’s what Mrs tutor had to say to BBC News  “I live by the sea and I want to protect the sea and keep it clean and protect the wildlife.

“There is so much plastic in the sea and on the beaches and when it breaks down into micro-plastics it can get into our food chain.

“We are not going to get rid of plastic altogether.

“Plastic does have some uses, but what we are looking to do is get rid of single-use plastic such as straws and coffee cups.”

Throughout our stay we ventured to the local pub the Ship who have already rid their premises of plastic straws, condiment sachets and milk containers. The family run pub’s very own Oliver Box said “One thousand plastic straws cost just £1, while the same number of paper straws is £10. We are putting a jar on the bar where we hope customers will contribute in a small way to what we are trying to do.

“We need the financial support of the local community to support the campaign to banish plastic from the village.”

A great cause that every member of the UK should get behind! A revolutionary effort from Aberporth that shows ridding single use plastics isn’t just a far-fetched idea but more so a reality.

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