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Our PPE Disposal Service

Bywaters have several years’ experience working with NHS and Research Institutions, providing us with a unique understanding into specialist waste management disposal. The risk posed by PPE worn on the front lines at the NHS, as well as several essential institutions, merits the adoption of a separate waste stream onsite to safely dispose of PPE, whilst ensuring this material does not impact the other waste streams produced onsite.

The PPE Waste Recovery Process

We provide UN-approved containers to store your clinical waste

We collect your waste with an environmentally-friendly fleet

Your PPE waste is handled safely by trained professionals

Your waste is then transported to a specialist facility for treatment

All PPE waste is incinerated with the resulting energy recovered

Frequently Asked Questions

The UK Government has classified waste related to Covid-19 as Infectious waste (18 01 03). As such, all waste should be separated within Orange sacks and stored in yellow clinical waste storage bins provided by Bywaters. The onward collection and transport will be managed by Bywaters and delivered by our compliant supplier; the waste will ultimately be treated using autoclave sterilisation to minimise the risk of contamination. Hazardous Waste Compliance Notes (HWCN) will be signed for on collection of the waste from your site(s) and record copies
left accordingly.

Bywaters recommends bins designated for the capture of these waste to be installed within common and tenanted areas. No specific Bin type is required for this service, however, all waste must be bagged in orange sacks. Bywaters would recommend using a bin with foot pedal lid opening mechanism to limit contact required when disposing of waste. To support segregation, Bywaters can also provide signage for this service on request.

We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone and are here to assist with any waste management requirements and contingency arrangements. To start disposing of your PPE easily and securely, get in touch with our sales team by emailing