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Our PPE Disposal Service

Bywaters has worked with the NHS and research institutions within the healthcare sector for many years to collect and safely dispose of PPE. This experience means we know exactly how to manage the risks.

The PPE items worn by the NHS and those on the front lines during health crises are considered dangerous to public health. This is why we have a separate on-site waste stream to safely dispose of PPE without impacting any other waste streams at our facilities.

The PPE Waste Recovery Process

We provide UN-approved containers to store your clinical waste

We collect your waste with an environmentally-friendly fleet

Your PPE waste is handled safely by trained professionals

Your waste is then transported to a specialist facility for treatment

All PPE waste is incinerated with the resulting energy recovered

PPE Waste FAQs

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. This can include anything which has been designed to be worn for protection against potential health and safety hazards.

PPE includes things like face masks, gloves, hazmat suits, wipes and cleaning materials, and any other items that protect against hazardous health risks.

We collect your used PPE and safely transport it to a specialist facility where it is treated using autoclave sterilisation to minimise the risk of contamination. Hot high-pressured steam kills bacteria and germs.


We provide our customers with a yellow clinical waste storage bin for PPE items. All PPE waste must be bagged in orange sacks and separated from your general black bag waste.

You only need to isolate your PPE waste if you have tested positive for COVID-19, or been in close contact with someone else with the virus.