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Free HGV Training

Bywaters will fund participant’s HGV driver training and tests.

Earn up to £40,000

Across the country, HGV drivers receive better than average salary.

No Experienced required

If you are a driven worker with a full UK driving licence, we will happily take you on.

Get paid while you train

Bywaters will provide you with a job supporting our ongoing operations.

Bywaters Academy

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The Bywaters Academy is a free HGV driver training course to bridge the skill gap in the UK haulage industry. As well as funding your HGV driver training and tests, Bywaters will be providing a steady job during the training period. Opening the opportunity up to anyone who might not have felt they had the time to train or could not risk being out of work whilst training.

In partnering with transport training experts Sigma Studies Ltd, we provide access to the highest and most professional standard in transport training. This course has been designed with you in mind, providing help and support through our friendly and dedicated staff. Supporting your ambitions as you embark on an exciting new career.

HGV drivers support every day to day function within the UK. Without this important job, we would ground to a halt. At Bywaters, we aim to ensure that our workforce is highly skilled, providing the opportunity for anyone to fulfil this significant role in the UK’s economy. If you are interested in finding out more, please provide your details below:

Craig Gregory, Operations Director at Bywaters, said “We have launched The Bywaters Academy. Investing in staff development, whilst providing access to training for people who may not have felt able to before. In doing so, we hope to help provide a long-term solution to the HGV driver shortage, for Bywaters and the UK.”

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Training to become an HGV driver is an investment in yourself. Upon passing your test, you will become highly employable across the world. This rewarding profession provides stability due to the importance HGV Drivers carry within the UK, and Bywaters is the perfect place to launch your career.

It is never too late to start training to become an HGV driver and reap the rewards. Across the country, HGV drivers command a better than average salary, with the ability to earn up to £40,000 following completion of training with Bywaters.

Working for Bywaters as a Driver will provide you with control and flexibility. With multiple routes running 24/7, the role allows you to find a driving solution that works for you. In addition, leading the team on the road provides a level of authority to manage your day’s workload, ensuring that our customers are left satisfied with a job well done.

With Bywaters, it is simple – get in touch today, and enrol in The Bywaters Academy. We fund your training and test, allowing you to focus on learning the skills required to succeed in the role. The training course will consist of a medical test, and both practical and theory training, surrounding all elements required to drive a large vehicle within the UK.

Alongside your training, Bywaters will provide you with a job supporting our ongoing operations. This valuable insight, will allow you to gather knowledge on vehicle operating procedures and routes across London, whilst getting to know the amazing Bywaters team.

We have partnered with Sigma Studies Ltd to provide you with the best training experience possible. With over 25 years experience, Sigma are experts in the transport training solutions industry and have trained in excess of 20,000 people and worked with over 800 companies.

Split across an 18 week training period, you will work with the training experts at Sigma and our in-house team, to perfect your skills and knowledge as your training progresses. The course is made up of 6 distinct sections:

  • Medical test
  • Provisional Licence application
  • Theory test modules 1a and 1B
  • Case study theory test module 2
  • Practical driving C module 3 and test
  • module 4 CPC

At Bywaters, the training and test are entirely free. However, costs vary by location and licence type. With an approved trainer, we have found that training costs for an entry-level Category C licence will run at around £1,500.
This represents a significant investment from us in you. Opening the door to an exciting new driving career.The Bywaters Driving Academy is a new HGV driver training course, which is free to all participants. Bywaters will be funding the full driver training course and test for anyone entering the academy.