BRAD (Bywaters’ Reporting Analytics and Dashboards) is a new sophisticated online portal where customers can access real-time data. It has been developed to enhance customers’ environmental performance and increase cost savings.

BRAD allows customers to increase their recycling by exploring and analysing data by date, material/waste type, location and weight. Web based discovery enables users to explore trends and patterns.

This offers customers a unique interactive style of reporting, allowing them to proactively measure their recycling. The data allows customers to improve their environmental performance, adhere to and exceed regulatory compliance.

The ‘Reporting’ segment shows fixed standard reports that are either time or event specific. ‘Analytics’ are flexible reports that can be explored and drilled down into measurable data. ‘Dashboards’ are highly intuitive snapshots of analysed data designed to be understood immediately by any user.

BRAD can provide detailed analytical reports to support the simplicity and advantages of co-mingled recycling. This style of collection provides a high quality end material with greater recycling potential and lower Co2 emissions.

Customer’s varying reporting needs can be met by a wide range of reporting styles. For example a customer can obtain information on costs versus tonnage collected, frequency of collections, site by tonnage and actual service usage. It is also possible to acquire recycling volumes and weight, procurement and carbon footprints.

Data is extracted from operational systems alongside data from waste incineration plants and our MRF. The ability to access this varied pool of data means that our customers can be confident that their waste analyses are both reliable and complete. 

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