Reporting - B.R.A.D

Our business intelligence system BRAD (Bywaters, Reporting, Analytics and Dashboard) provides customers with unrivalled account and environmental data.

Reports are available in real time through an online portal and can be displayed either as data or graphics.

Customers can access information including:

  • Overview / Summary – for a user defined timeframe or event
  • Service history – including tickets and exceptions (available site by site)
  • Waste types collected and recovered
  • Tonnages collected and recovered
  • Patterns and trends
  • Mapping

The system can also provide carbon emissions reporting [in line with new legislation on mandatory carbon reporting for FTSE 100 companies].

This easy visibility of data, pulling in separate analyses, provides a vital tool for customers to assess their own waste and recycling figures, thus increasing landfill diversion rates and maximising recycling.

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