New Commercial Manager appointed to support Bywaters’ UK expansion

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New Commercial Manager appointed to support Bywaters’ UK expansion

Bywaters, one of London’s premier waste management providers, is looking to expand its successful London operation across the UK and has appointed a dedicated Commercial Manager, Sam Fairservice, who comes with a wealth of waste management experience.  Sam will be particularly looking after the financial aspects of all contracts.

Sam is all about improving value for the customer.  His whole team is very hands on, from sourcing and developing more efficient compaction systems, to streamlining operational logistics, to coming up with ways for customers to improve their recycling levels and reduce disposal costs.  Sam also keeps in touch with former colleagues in cleaning, construction, property management and the public sector and a quick phone call to one of these contacts can sometimes save the day.

Customers can see the benefits of this new appointment as a new system, introduced by Sam and his team, enables facilities managers to directly bill their tenants for the exact amount of waste they produce each month.  Sam is an enthusiastic supporter of the work done by Bywaters in raising environmental awareness and minimising the pollution that has such a devastating effect on our environment.

Commented Amanda Brown, deputy MD on Sam’s appointment: “Sam is passionate in his role to deliver and maintain service to our clients whilst increasing new business.  He has an eye for detail and delivery of key results.  He always provides a lively dynamic to Bywaters and epitomises the concept of teamwork.”



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