Bywaters works with Sky TV to raise awareness of plastics in the ocean

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Bywaters works with Sky TV to raise awareness of plastics in the ocean

Last Tuesday, Sky TV unveiled an eye catching 10m whale made out of plastics. Bywaters are very pleased to have contributed the materials to make sculpture. The plastics were collected from beach cleans in the south east as well as from businesses and households disposing of them in London.

Sky TV have put in great effort in the media activity behind the global plight of oceans plastics. The 250kg weight of the whale equates to the amount of plastics arising in the oceans every second; a staggering 8 million tonnes per annum. And if nothing changes, by 2050 the plastic in the sea could weigh more than all fish.

Sian Glover, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager for Bywaters said: “We love the oceans and environment and feel passionately that we need to do our bit to work with our customers to prevent ocean plastic waste. Our work at Bywaters is founded on inspiring others to follow our lead and transform their operational habits to create a better world for future generations.”

Sian, Ed van Reenen (Head of Sustainability) and the Bywaters team joined the Sky Team as well as their PR firm One Green Bean for the unveiling of the sculpture. Bywaters is firmly supporting the campaign and also provides a recycling solution for single use plastics which are a reality of society. The Bywaters MRF separates out five types of plastic from the mixed recycling stream and an impressive 75 million bottles per annum are recycled at their facility in Bow.

We feel this is a great campaign so please feel free to publicise this campaign as much as possible. And do your bit (e.g. a carrier bag for life and reusable water bottles) with Sky TV’s tips here for reducing plastic usage​ .

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