Pre-treatment requirement

The “pre-treatment” requirement of the Landfill Regulations came into force on 30th October 2007.

The requirement

Before being disposed to landfill the waste producer must ensure that all waste is treated to reduce its quantity and/ or its environmental impact.

"Treatment" is defined by the Environment Agency using a "three-point test":

1. It must be a physical, thermal, chemical or biological process (this "process" includes sorting)
2. It must change the characteristics of the waste
3. It must do so in order to;
     a) Reduce its quantity
     b) Reduce its hazardous nature
     c) Facilitate its handling or
     d) Enhance its recovery

What this means to you

The landfill operator has a legal obligation to ensure that the waste being disposed has been pre-treated. You should not assume that your waste management provider will treat the waste for you; many providers will charge you a fee to do so.

As a waste producer, you have two main options:

  • Treat the waste yourself by sorting your waste on-site (for example, separating recyclables from non- recyclables), or
  • Ensure your Recycling and Resource management provider treats your waste on your behalf

How Bywaters can help

Our unique Bycycler "recycling" system is designed to make segregation at source easy for you. This two bin system separates dry mixed recyclables and non-recyclable and a there is also a food caddy available to recycle food waste.

If you are unable to sort your waste onsite (or in addition to you doing so) we treat all the waste we manage at one of our network of UK facilities.