Fleet of Volvo vehicles 

The initial delivery of 52 new Volvo trucks heralded a comprehensive upgrade of the Bywaters fleet to Euro 5 emissions standards and our customers benefit from the quieter operation and reduced emissions of the new vehicles. It is one of the many ways that we are reducing our carbon footprint in terms of vehicle emissions.

As part of its commitment to road safety Bywaters has a cyclist warning system installed on all the waste and recycling vehicles in its fleet. The system means that all Bywaters vehicles now pick up the movement of any cyclist on the inside of the vehicle triggering an audible warning in the driver’s cab and makes the vehicles some of the safest on the road. The cyclist warning system compliments a number of other safety features including warning signs on all vehicles alerting cyclists not to undertake.


London for London solution

Using London’s riverside wharf for the direct disposal of waste has reduced the use of Bywaters bulk movements along with significant carbon and Co2 reductions. The use of London’s wharfs allow residual waste to be diverted from landfill and brought to Bywaters plant on barges along the River Thames - further reducing congestion within the Capital. 

The use of waste by water not only reduces road congestion but ensures a zero direct to landfill solution for customers. The strategically placed riverside based waste management facility processes 670,000 tonnes of waste from across London and exports c470,000 MWh of electricity to the National Grid - enough to power 100,000 homes.