Bywaters wins 7 Green Apple awards

Bywaters, London’s largest waste management company, has won seven prestigious Green Apple awards for their pioneering approach to the environment and their role in helping to improve London’s air quality.

The awards cover six important client partnerships across the city to improve recycling rates and materials reuse and the company’s own initiative to drive energy efficiencies by retrofitting the roof of its materials recycling facility with 4000 solar panels to generate power.

Now in their eighteenth year the Green Apple awards are a major UK and international environmental recognition scheme. The awards meet the exacting criteria of the Brussels-led  European Business Awards for the Environment and several winners have gone on to win European recognition.

The successful client projects to receive Green Apple awards include:

A new waste and recycling system for University College London (UCL) designed to maintain recycling rates whilst waste volumes have doubled to over 3200 tonnes, together with the introduction of  a Waste Action Reuse Portal (WARPit) allowing UCL departments to access unwanted but useable surplus items free of charge and changes in procurement policy now see UCL using only 100% recycled paper.

In partnership with CBRE for 99 Kensington High Street,  a system that now diverts all waste from landfill.  Prior to the new system the building, which is home to the famous ‘Kensington Roof Gardens and includes Virgin and Sony, did little to engage in recycling. Today 40% is now being recycled with the remainder being used in the production of sustainable energy. A communications plan to change the tenants’ mind-set from disposing of waste to recycling and resource management was key. 

The company also received an environmental best practice award for achieving 30% higher recycling rates and a zero waste to landfill solution with CBRE at CityPoint.  The award was also for eliminating methane production and enabling the economic and environmental value of these secondary resources to be maintained. 

Three further awards are for Bywaters in partnership with the Francis Crick Institute, with BNP Paribas Real Estate for its new waste and recycling system across 20 London properties handling paper, card, plastic, metals, glass and food diverting 100% of its waste produced from its London portfolio from landfill and in partnership with Tube Lines.  As well as ensuring 100% of the waste managed by Tube Lines and Bywaters is now diverted from landfill, the new system not only managed increasing waste volumes from 4740 tonnes to 5931, but improved the recycling rate from 79.6% to 83.1%.

In 2015, Bywaters previously won a gold award for environmental best practice for their work with Linklater’s and two bronze awards for their partnership with both City University and QVC. 

John Glover, Managing Director of Bywaters said:

“We are delighted our collaborative approach with six of our clients has won these prestigious Green Apple Awards.  While our goal is to enable our clients to become more sustainable, reduce their carbon footprint, recycle more and become eco-advocates, we couldn’t do this without the vision and passionate support of both our clients and our people in making this happen.  We are delighted to play a pivotal role in helping these organisations succeed in meeting their tough environmental goals and be recognised by these awards.''

Bywaters has also been shortlisted for the Clean Air awards and CIWM Best Resource Project by Facilities Management.

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