Bywaters goes Global at RWM

Bywaters exhibition stand was a hit at this year’s RWM expo; Europe’s leading event for resource management professionals.  Over the course of three days Bywaters featured as panellists addressing the industry’s most pressing issues, whilst the stand itself was awash with a variety of international visitors.

Managing Director - John S Glover and Associate Director Business Strategy - Charnell Dry took to the stage on the opening night to tackle hard hitting topics like Brexit and new MRF Regulations. Amongst their industry peers, John S Glover explored the effects on the waste industry in a post Brexit era, whilst Charnell Dry addressed the impact of MRF Regulations on the quality of recovered materials.

Both were commended for their efforts on the day with social media inundated with messages, including gems like the one illustrated below:

Bywaters stand was a firm favourite amongst the show’s 13000 visitors. The company’s recent transformation, geared to embed the principles of sustainability throughout all aspects of its operations, proved to be a genuine point of interest. Guests from across the globe (including Panama, Spain, Thailand and Hong Kong, to name a few) dropped by the Bywaters stand to get the latest tips on creating environmentally-conscious waste operations.


In addition, Bywaters gave RWM visitors an exclusive preview of their new Green Guru service which is scheduled to launch in early 2017.

Sam Fairservice, Bywaters Senior Client Relationship Manager, commented;

“The past three days have been extremely busy and we’ve been inundated with questions about our recent solar installation, energy Improvements, and our MRF operation.  It’s great to know that the industry is really taking note of the strides we are taking in innovation. This years RWM has been a key networking opportunity for us, so from that standpoint alone it has definitely been worthwhile.”

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