Every organisation has the ability and responsibility to improve their environmental, social and economic performance and we, at Bywaters, believe that our people make it happen.

Our aim is to be an economic, environmental and socially sustainable business. We are doing this by driving innovative waste management solutions actively capture and share learning and best practice with our staff and customers. 

We do more than most as a matter of course but we have not, in the past, reported many of these things because, to us, they are just ‘normal’ everyday activities. These include:

Switching off the screen on our computers when we are away from our desks
We have PIR lighting in our offices
Where possible we always use public transport for business travel and commuting 

  • We actively encourage staff to use the stairs instead of the lift 
  • We print double sided every time and use 100% recycled paper and card 
  • We buy sustainable products to use in the office and for marketing purposes 
  • There is no waste to landfill from our offices
  • London for London solution
  • Committed to reducing carbon emissions
  • Euro V compliant
  • Vehicle safety measures
  • Sustainability and Environmental Managers
  • Community partners
  • Education and employment

London for London solution

Using London’s riverside wharf for the direct disposal of waste has reduced the use of Bywaters bulk movements along with significant carbon and Co2 reductions. The use of London’s wharfs allow residual waste to be diverted from landfill and brought to Bywaters plant on barges along the River Thames - further reducing congestion within the Capital. 

The use of waste by water not only reduces road congestion but ensures a zero direct to landfill solution for customers. The strategically placed riverside based waste management facility processes 670,000 tonnes of waste from across London and exports c470,000 MWh of electricity to the National Grid - enough to power 100,000 homes.

Committed to reducing carbon emissions 

Bywaters is committed to reducing carbon emissions and has a carbon policy. We recognise the impact of carbon emissions on climate change and are striving to reduce emissions and avoid reliance on carbon offsetting. 

Euro V compliant

All Bywaters vehicles are compliant with the Euro V European Emissions Standard and the company is a member of the Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS), which aims to improve the fleet delivery in London. The ?waste? collections are shared with other company managed buildings in the City in order to further reduce congestion and emissions.

Vehicle safety measures

As part of its commitment to road safety Bywaters has a cyclist warning system installed on all the waste and recycling vehicles in its fleet.

The system means that all Bywaters vehicles now pick up the movement of any cyclist on the inside of the vehicle triggering an audible warning in the driver’s cab.  The system also incorporates an alarm to alert vulnerable road users when the vehicle is turning left.

The cyclist warning system compliments a number of other safety features including warning signs on all vehicles alerting cyclists not to undertake.

The vehicles are amongst the safest on London's road. In addition to the on-vehicle technology all drivers are fully CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) trained.

Sustainable and Environmental Managers

Sustainability is simply excellence in waste management. Embedding the principles of sustainable development into all aspects of an organisation’s business will, in turn, result in increasing, long-term benefits.

Taking action to become more sustainable can achieve cost reductions and immediate business gains. More importantly, it ensures the development of environments that are sustainable in the long term – reducing inappropriate demand, reducing waste and incentivising more effective use of services and products.

A long-term sustainable approach that looks past the pricing floor will increase cost efficiency and environmental impact. Strong business relationships and a commitment to driving sustainable change is providing a positive impact both environmentally and financially whilst education is key to improving working environments.

Bywaters is passionate about waste management, courageous in seeking innovative solutions and believes that working in partnership with you is pivotal in developing innovation within waste management.

The need for change is great as is the need for reliable partnerships with a shared passion and vision for innovation.

Community partners

Bow School
We are proud supporters of Bow School who’s vision is to be an outstanding educational institution that encourages ambition, uncovers talent and delivers excellence. Their aim is to ensure that all students are prepared for their future lives in a world of changing employment priorities and expectations and have the skills and abilities to face the many challenges of adulthood. 

The Mudchute 

Bywaters is delighted to be sponsoring the Mudchute. The Mudchute Association has been in existence for thirty years. With responsibility for the 32 acres of land which is Mudchute Park and Farm, it has developed a wide range of services for the benefit of the local community.

Set in 32 acres of countryside in the heart of East London, the Mudchute is a community charity, with a working farm, stables, a children’s nursery and a wide range of education activities.

Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund

We are so honoured to be sponsoring Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund. The Fund aims to make a positive difference to the lives of children suffering from cancer or leukaemia by offering practical, financial and emotional support to the whole family.

Education and employment

We recognise the mutual value of positive relationships with our employees and community and we are committed to investing in their developments. We are actively involved in supporting vulnerable young adults and ex-offenders who are trying to get into work and encourage staff to work with these groups.